Want to know when and how to get flying in WoW Shadowlands?

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Want to know when and how to get flying in WoW Shadowlands?

by rodeoneerer Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:03 am
Want to know when and how to get flying in WoW Shadowlands? World of Warcraft has undergone some of the biggest changes seen since the Cataclysm ten years ago. Along with an overhaul of character creation, customisation and barbershop options, character levels have been squished from level 120 to 50, while the whole levelling experience has been shaken up.

Flying is the best way to traverse the perils of the WoW universe, so here’s an easy guide as to how to fly in WoW Shadowlands.

WoW Shadowlands flying: How to unlock it
To unlock flying, you'll need to reach the new level cap of 60 once Shadowlands launches on November 23. As with previous expansions, players won't be able to fly in any of the new zones initially, needing to meet certain conditions beforehand.

A real change for WoW players
From the launch of patch 9.1, the date of which is still unknown, players will therefore be able to seek out the flying mounts in Shadowlands. To do this, they must first, you will need to reach Renown Level 44 within your congregation. Following this, you will be able to embark on the 12th chapter of the congregation campaign: “The last seal”.

Where to find Flying Trainers
Unlike previous expansions, the Shadowlands expansion will not require a Flightmaster’s Whistle. Instead, you can purchase flight training from any of the game’s Flight Masters.

Below are the steps you’ll need to take in order to take to the skies of the Shadowlands:

Learn Expert Riding: this is available at Level 30 at the price of 250 Gold and allows you to use flying mounts.
If playing as an Alliance race you can learn Expert Riding from Bralla Cloudwing in Stormwind.
If playing as a Horde race you can learn Expert Riding from Maztha in Orgrimmar.
Master riding can also be purchased at Level 40 for 5,000 Gold to increase your speed whilst in flight.
Equip your flying mount and take a leap of faith!
Buy the Draenor Pathfinder from your Flight Trainer for 250 Gold to fly in Draenor.
Buy the Broken Isles Pathfinder from your Flight Trainer for 250 Gold to fly in the Broken Isles.

By the way,the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic has been released for a week.

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